Kaipa - Vittjar
Kaipa - Vittjar (coloured vinyl)
2LP, coloured vinyl, gatefold Releasedate: 27-10-2023

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Release: 27-10-2023
IDEA: if you order the Kaipa albums 'Sattyg' and 'Vittjar' at the same time, you will receive both on 13-10-2023 instead of 27-10-2023!

 is a Swedish band from the Uppsala area, which moves in symphonic rock with influences from folk music. The band is mainly influenced by Yes.
The result is as colourful musically and lyrically as Kaipa devotees will expect from the band’s rich discography dating back to the debut opus released in 1975. Formed in 1973, KAIPA never shied away from experimentation, embracing fresh elements and sounds manifesting especially on the albums released in the 2000’s.

"Vittjar" is Kaipa's 11th studio album and it continues the musical journey that explored new grounds with the highly acclaimed album "In the wake of evolution" 2010. The addition of the eminent guest-musicians Fredrik Lindqvist (recorders & whistles) and Elin Rubinsztein (violin) further underlines the folk influences in the music..
Kaipa is created when Hans Lundin and Roine Stolt end up in one band. Roine Stolt became popular within progressive rock throughout Europe in the years following the release of those albums; first with his solo albums, later through the band The Flower Kings.

Side A 
1. First Distraction  3:00
2. Lightblue And Green  11:59

Side B
3. Our Silent Ballroom Band  22:08

Side C
4. Vittjar  3:47
5. Treasure-House  7:32
6. A Universe Of Tinyness  7:22

Side D
7. The Crowned Hillsides  10:31
8. Second Distraction  2:20
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