Sons Of Apollo's 'Psychotic Symphony' re-released!

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Sons Of Apollo's 'Psychotic Symphony' re-released! The band Sons Of Apollo has disbanded following the recent announcement of Mike Portnoy rejoining Dream Theater after a 13-year hiatus. Sons Of Apollo, featuring Mike Portnoy, guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (ex-Guns N' Roses), bassist Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, The Winery Dogs), and keyboardist Derek Sherinian (also of Black Country Communion), produced two studio albums over a three-year span. Their second album, ' MMXX ,' was re-released on Construction Records a year ago, and now we're pleased to share that their debut album, ' Psychotic Symphony ,' will also be re-released. Available in two artwork matching colors, this reissue is set for release on December 15, 2023. For those who place webshop orders, rest assured that your copies will be shipped promptly to arrive in time for...

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Discover The Construction Points Savings Program!

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Discover The Construction Points Savings Program! Let us reward you with Construction Points from now on! Construction Points are savings points with a value of 5 euro cents each, which you earn with every purchase in our online shop. For every full euro you spend, you receive 1 Construction Point. You can then redeem these points for future purchases. A striking feature is the unlimited validity of Construction Points. Save them for our special releases or redeem them when it suits you best. Joining the Construction Points program is easy. Simply create an account or log in to our website, and the rest will happen automatically. You can easily view your saved Construction Points in your account. All details and conditions are available on our website. Happy saving!

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IO Pages trophy for INHALO presented

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IO Pages trophy for INHALO presented The moment has finally arrived: the actual presentation of the iO Pages trophy for 2022 to the band Inhalo . This event will take place during the band's performance at Parkvilla - Kunsteducatie, Filmhuis, Theater on Friday, November 24th. After the COVID-affected years, the prog magazine thought it was time to revive this trophy, and at the same time came 'Sever', the first releases of the first band on our new record label! An autobiographical concept album about dealing with obsessive thoughts. An album that received much praise in the prog magazine iO Pages (#179, July 2022). The highest award! Inhalo's music is so uniquely special that there are really no words for it. Innovative melodic prog rock with a robust alternative sound: expressive vocals, complex compositions, passionate playing, and nuanced...

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Construction Records & Boerderij present: Inhalo, Hackberry & The One

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Construction Records & Boerderij present: Inhalo, Hackberry & The One Construction Records in collaboration with Poppodium Boerderij proudly present Inhalo, Hackberry and The One on February 2, 2024!  Get ready for an unforgettable evening full of Dutch prog metal and prog rock ! Known for their enchanting melodies and idiosyncratic compositions. The Dutch band Inhalo pushes the boundaries of prog metal . With their powerful vocals and virtuoso instrumental prowess, they are sure to leave you enchanted. Their debut album ' Sever ’, released in 2022, received the IO-Pages' ' Prog Award 2022 ', Aardschok Magazine's ' Eremetal ' and Heaven Magazines ' Album Of The Week' to name just a few achievements. And following the recently released 10” ' Live At Wisseloord Studio' , they gave a unique performance in the Mennonite Church during...

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Inhalo on the air!

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Inhalo on the air! Inhalo on the air! Join us on Symfocity Radio as Inhalo gets up close in an interview on September 18. Hear all about their musical journey, their upcoming first ever acoustic live show at Haarlem Vinyl Festival and the release of their brand-new 10-inch ‘Live At Wisseloord Studio’. The shows starts at 8pm CET. But that's not all! Catch Inhalo live in action during a thrilling session and interview on ‘Uit Je Nest Met De Van Helden Hitshow’ on September 23. Tune in to Radio Breda Nu at the early hour of 10am to witness their performance and hear their insights. Don't miss these opportunities to connect with Inhalo and experience their music like never before. Mark your calendars! Save the Dates: Symfocity Radio Interview: September 18 Uit Je Nest met de Van Helden Hitshow : September...

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Inhalo - Crossroads - Haarlem Vinyl Festival

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Inhalo - Crossroads - Haarlem Vinyl Festival Haarlem Vinyl Festival celebrates vinyl culture, Schuur, Suburban Records and Construction Records join the party with four film screenings. All films were selected by Suburban and Construction artists, who will be present to introduce them. Crossroads (1986), is selected by Construction band INHALO, they invite you along on this bluesy road trip. Featuring Steve Vai in the role of Jack Butler as the devil's virtuosic guitar player the movie will be on the screen on Wednesday September 27. Find out more about Schuur Programming here .

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INHALO's NEW SINGLE AND VIDEO 'PRETENDERS' ACOUSTIC LIVE AT WISSELOORD STUDIO WATCH ‘PRETENDERS’ ON YOUTUBE                                                Inhalo , the first signed band on Construction Records, is an emerging band taking the prog scene by storm after the release of their debut album 'Sever' in 2022. The album received IO-Pages' Prog Award 2022 , Aardschok Magazine's ‘ Eremetaal ’' and Heaven Magazines ' Album Of The Week ' just to name a few achievements. Their new release, 'Live At Wisseloord...

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Vinyl edition of Kaipa's Iconic albums 'Sattyg' and 'Vittjar' at Construction Records!

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Vinyl edition of Kaipa's Iconic albums 'Sattyg' and 'Vittjar' at Construction Records! Prog enthusiasts and vinyl collectors alike can rejoice as Construction Records has announced that two legendary titles from progressive rock band Kaipa will be available on colored vinyl. On October 27, the albums ' Sattyg ' (2014) and ' Vittjar ' (2012) will be released in a limited vinyl edition. Both albums have long been unavailable on vinyl and are two of their most critically acclaimed albums. Kaipa , the well-known Swedish progressive rock band, has amassed a loyal fan base around the world since their formation in the early 1970s to the present day. With a unique blend of complex musical arrangements, dreamy melodies and compelling lyrics, the band has always left a unique mark on the progressive rock scene. Hans Lundin from Kaipa: “I'm happy to see that ”Vittjar” and...

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Inhalo's accoustic 'Live at Wisseloord Studio' release

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Inhalo's accoustic 'Live at Wisseloord Studio' release Double the excitement on September 29th! Inhalo 's accoustic ' Live at Wisseloord Studio ' release coincides with their performance at Haarlem Vinyl Festival ! Get ready to immerse yourself in their mesmerizing performance live in the Doopsgezinde kerk, Haarlem and with this 10" vinyl release. Pre-order the 10" now and be among the first to receive Inhalo's ' Live At Wisseloord Studio ' days before the official release! Don't miss out on this opportunity:  Inhalo - Live At Wisseloord Studio - Construction records   Their new release,  'Live At Wisseloord Studio ', an impressive 10-inch featuring two acoustic songs from their debut recorded at the renowned studio and mixed by Forrester Savell, takes you on a musical journey. With a unique sound that blends...

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Progpower Timetable

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Progpower Timetable Experience the epic sounds of Hackberry at the renowned ProgPower Europe Festival ! They will take you on a musical journey filled with virtuosity and captivating melodies. With their unique blend of progressive rock and metal, they create a sound that is both intricate and accessible, captivating every music lover in its grasp. Hackberry will open the second day, Saturday October 7 at 13.30 PM, so make sure to be there on time to witness their impressive live performance. See you there!   Tickets are available here:

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Inhalo live at Haarlem Vinyl Festival

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Inhalo live at Haarlem Vinyl Festival During Haarlem Vinyl Festival, the world's first multi-day festival entirely dedicated to vinyl culture, Inhalo will play an entirely acoustic set at the beautiful Mennonite Church in Haarlem (NL) on Friday September 29. At the same day Inhalo will release their new 10” ‘ Live At Wisseloord Studio’ , featuring two songs from their debut album in a specially arranged acoustic version. Inhalo, the first signing on Construction Records, is an emerging band that is taking the prog scene by storm after the release of their debut album ‘Sever’ in 2022. The album became IO-Pages' ' Album Of The Year 2022 ', Aardschok Magazine's ' Eremetaal ' and Heaven Magazine's ' Album Of The Week ' to name just some feats of arms. Their new release, ' Live At Wisseloord...

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Hackberry plays on Progpower Europe

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Hackberry plays on Progpower Europe Very good news: Hackberry will play at ProgPower Europe (NL) in Baarlo this year! Between great prog bands from all over the world it promises to be a great prog weekend! More info & tickets:

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For All We Know finally available on vinyl from today!!

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For All We Know finally available on vinyl from today!! For All We Know finally available on vinyl from today!!   Today is the day, the long awaited first vinyl release from the band For All We Know has finally been released on Construction Records. Formed around guitarist Ruud Jolie, known from Within Temptation, the album seamlessly combines elements of progressive rock and alternative metal with a thick atmospheric layer. Proud that we have been able to release this album (and successor ' Take Me Home ', which will be released next month). Not only for us at Construction and for the band members, but even more for the fans of For All We Know, this first vinyl release is a true collector's item. To the shop

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Inhalo Parkvilla Theater

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Inhalo Parkvilla Theater Serious Music Alphen has been offering Dutch progressive rock bands a beautiful stage in Parkvilla for years. Many bands have already visited the theater (some of them several times), but on Friday November 24, 2023 it's time for Inhalo . The tickets cost € 16.00 when booked online; at the box office € 20.00. You can reserve tickets here!

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Hackberry's Breathing Space is released!!

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Hackberry's Breathing Space is released!! Hackberry Releases Album 'Breathing Space' We are thrilled to announce that the long-awaited release of Hackberry's album 'Breathing Space' is finally here! This masterpiece by the band is now available on all major music platforms and in physical form. 'Breathing Space' takes listeners on a magical journey filled with unique melodies and experimental arrangements. With this album, Hackberry once again proves why they belong to the most innovative and influential acts of their generation. Whether you are a devoted fan or curious about Hackberry's music, ' Breathing Space ' is an absolute must-listen. The album has been meticulously crafted to give you a sense of space and freedom, immersing you in the enchanting world of the band. Head to your favorite music platform or visit...

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The One Live footage

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The One Live footage Check out the episode of Dordt Rocks featuring The One playing three songs from their album ' Sunrise ' live, and meet four of the musicians: Timothy van der Holst, Frank 'Fish' Ayres, Edwin in ‘t Veld and Max Gilkes in interviews in between. Follow this link to enjoy the full 30 minutes:  

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Inhalo in Melkweg Amsterdam!

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Inhalo in Melkweg Amsterdam! In addition to the already announced support for the Norwegian progressive metal band Conception in Rockhal Luxembourg this Friday, INHALO has also been added to the show in Melkweg Heavy, Amsterdam this Thursday!! Tickets & info for both shows can be found here: Melkweg: Rockhal:

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Construction Records releases vinyl of For All We Know

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Construction Records releases vinyl of For All We Know After For All We Know ’s self-titled debut album was released in 2011, Ruud Jolie started working on his second album 'Take Me Home' which was released in 2017. Both albums have never have seen the light of day on vinyl...until now! Construction Records will release both albums on 180g. black – and coloured vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve. Ruud Jolie: “It's so cool that Construction Records will be releasing the first two albums on vinyl. Despite the fact that these albums are several years old, this is not done in between. A lot of care is given to what I like to see and ultimately the fans too.” The debut album was self-released on CD, featuring a star-studded cast consisting of Wudstik (Ayreon) on vocals, Kristoffer Gildenlöw (Pain Of Salvation) on bass, Leo Margarit (Pain...

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Inhalo gigs Luxembourg

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Inhalo gigs Luxembourg Exciting news!! We're thrilled to announce that INHALO will be joining Norwegian prog rock/metal band Conception for their upcoming concert at Rockhal (Luxembourg) on Friday 21st April.  The eagerly awaited return of Norwegian prog rock/metal band is happening! In fact, the band acknowledge that they never actually split up in 1999, as many assume; disillusioned after being kicked off an important tour just a week before its due start date, they drifted to different projects. Having kept in touch all through the years, and with the friendship intact, it was never a difficult decision to make once they felt the rush of the new music; Tore and Arve jammed and found they were onto something interesting, and it was a natural course to take this to Roy and Ingar. Not only did they rediscover the joy in playing together,...

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The One firmed a full force band with three Dutch - and three British musicians.

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The One firmed a full force band with three Dutch - and three British musicians. The One started as a project by producer Timothy van der Holst and songwriter Frank Fish. Now after the release of their debut album ' Sunrise ' they proudly presents their progrock album LIVE at the Bibelot Poppodium. They firmed a full force band with three Dutch musicians and three British musicians!   Timothy van der Holst: Drummer and songwriter of this project. On the album he played a few instruments, but live he is ‘just’ the drummer. Influenced by the great prog drummers of the 70’s. He loves to rock. Frank 'Fish' Ayres:  Slide guitar, bass, lyricist, spoken word. Oxford born musician, poet, famed for his outrageous performances with Frank Fish and the Fins. Edwin in ‘t Veld: Guitars. Being a guitar player for over 40 years, he developed himself as a great...

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