Inhalo gigs Luxembourg

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Inhalo gigs Luxembourg Exciting news!! We're thrilled to announce that INHALO will be joining Norwegian prog rock/metal band Conception for their upcoming concert at Rockhal (Luxembourg) on Friday 21st April.  The eagerly awaited return of Norwegian prog rock/metal band is happening! In fact, the band acknowledge that they never actually split up in 1999, as many assume; disillusioned after being kicked off an important tour just a week before its due start date, they drifted to different projects. Having kept in touch all through the years, and with the friendship intact, it was never a difficult decision to make once they felt the rush of the new music; Tore and Arve jammed and found they were onto something interesting, and it was a natural course to take this to Roy and Ingar. Not only did they rediscover the joy in playing together,...

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The One firmed a full force band with three Dutch - and three British musicians.

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The One firmed a full force band with three Dutch - and three British musicians. The One started as a project by producer Timothy van der Holst and songwriter Frank Fish. Now after the release of their debut album ' Sunrise ' they proudly presents their progrock album LIVE at the Bibelot Poppodium. They firmed a full force band with three Dutch musicians and three British musicians!   Timothy van der Holst: Drummer and songwriter of this project. On the album he played a few instruments, but live he is ‘just’ the drummer. Influenced by the great prog drummers of the 70’s. He loves to rock. Frank 'Fish' Ayres:  Slide guitar, bass, lyricist, spoken word. Oxford born musician, poet, famed for his outrageous performances with Frank Fish and the Fins. Edwin in ‘t Veld: Guitars. Being a guitar player for over 40 years, he developed himself as a great...

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The Progspace Awards 2022

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The Progspace Awards 2022 Inhalo is nominated for The Progspace Awards 2022 in the catagory 'Debut Of The Year 2022'. All nominees have been thoroughly selected in a process of internal voting by The Progspace staff located all over the world. To cast your vote, visit:

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INHALO - Mirror Door - Live at Boerderij

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INHALO - Mirror Door - Live at Boerderij   Inhalo released their first live video shot in Ioppodium Boerderij. The video is made by VideOmega. More credits can be found on the band's You Tube channel. (Click 'Read More' to view the video) MIRROR DOOR is included in the debut album ‘Sever’. 

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We welcome Hackberry!!

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We welcome Hackberry!! Today we are delighted to welcome Hackberry as the newest band to our modest yet challenging Construction Records roster.  Hackberry is a five-piece instrumental band from The Netherlands. They play a mix of progressive rock, stoner, metal, grunge and psychedelia and are known for their strange time signatures, tempo changes and dynamics.  Their new album ' Breathing Space ' will be released worldwide on May 12 as CD, 180g, gatefold black - and colored vinyl.  Listen:  Hackberry - Manticore   Rob Willemse, from Construction Records: “As a fan of long and instrumental songs, Hackberry is the perfect addition to our label. Well thought compositions that remain interesting until the end of the song and where vocals are not missed for a millisecond. Great!” Hackberry's...

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The One in Bibelot Poppodium

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The One in Bibelot Poppodium The One is coming to the Power Stage in Poppodium Bibelot!!. After making more than 20 albums in jazz and soul with bands like The Jazzinvaders, The Soul Snatchers and Laura Vane, 'Sunrise' is his first release in the progressive rock genre! Order your tickets via the link below

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THE ONE's 'Sunrise' is now available!

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THE ONE's 'Sunrise' is now available! THE ONE's 'Sunrise' is now available in the recordstores, streaming and online! "Sunrise" by The One is full of great progressive symphonic rock songs that sound like music to my ears and I can highly recommend this disc to anyone who loves these types of music.” New Underground Music 4/4 “​Atmospheric conceptual debutalbum from the Dutch band The One with a few guitar-based progrock songs. The One gives the best inkling to the future” Keys And Chords 4/5 “The entire musical history of symphony is given an ode here by the varied range of music.”   Rockportaal “The music of The One is pleasant to listen to, is well composed and is performed excellently.”    Aardschok 60/100 “A pleasant mix of heavy riffs,...

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Inhalo support Pure Reason Revolution

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INHALO supports Pure Reason Revolution on March 17 in Poppodium Boerderij! For info & tix go to: Pure Reason Revolution - Poppodium Boerderij members of the British Pure Reason Revolution share their love for bands such as Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac and Kraftwerk. This results in a unique sound with elements of progressive, indie rock and electronic music.  

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New single from The One - Between You & Me!

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New single from The One - Between You & Me! ' Between You & Me ' is the new single from The One  and you can listen to it on your preferred music service here:

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Inhalo winner of the IO-PAGES AWARD 2022

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Inhalo winner of the IO-PAGES AWARD 2022 This year we started our record label Construction Records and the first signing on it:  Inhalo with their debut album ' Sever ' has already been chosen as the winner of the IO-PAGES AWARD 2022 by the leading prog/sympho magazine IO-Pages! We couldn't have wished for a better start for our label!  Inhalo wins IO Pages award 2022 After the corona years, it was time to revive the iO Pages Award. And suddenly there was Inhalo, the band consisting of A Liquid Landscape singer Fons Herder and Ivy's Dream musicians Roy Willems, Peter Cats and Pepijn Gros. The band now has a fifth member: guitarist/singer Susana Raya. They merged their creativity into a dynamic sound with closely intertwined contrasts. Their first achievement is Sever, an autobiographical concept album about dealing with...

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Second band on Construction Records: The One

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Second band on Construction Records: The One "ATMOSPHERIC PROG IN THE MIND OF THE GREAT BANDS OF THE 70'S WITH GOOD MELODIC AND RHYTHMIC SENSITIVITY." DEBUT ALBUM 'SUNRISE' OUT ON FRIDAY JANUARY 27, 2023 We have signed a second Dutch prog-rock band The One . The One is a band project by Dutch musician/producer Timothy van der Holst. Growing up in the 80s, listening to the records of Yes, King Crimson & Genesis, he was infected by the magic of these prog bands. Timothy has made over 20 jazz and soul albums with bands such as The Jazzinvaders, The Soul Snatchers and Laura Vane, but 'Sunrise' is his first release in this genre. Rob Willemse from Construction Records : “ After our first stunner of a signing, the band Inhalo – whose release of their debut album 'Sever' was awarded with purely positive reviews such as...

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Inhalo supports Antimatter

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Inhalo has been added as support to the concert of Antimatter on November 26th. in Poppoduim Boerderij (NL)!!   Antimatter is a melancholic, progressive rock band from Liverpool. The band, led by Mick Moss, has been around for a while and is indispensable to the British prog landscape. Antimatter will visit De Boerderij for an 'expansive and enhanced electric tour'! Info & tickets:

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Progpower Europe books Inhalo!

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Progpower Europe books Inhalo! Progpower Europe adds Inhalo to the lineup of the 22nd edition of their unique progressive rock and metal festival, once again held in JC Sjiwa, Baarlo (NL)! Inhalo will play on Saturday October 1 on ProgPower from 13:30-14:30. Click here for more info and tickets.

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Inhalo in Willem Twee poppodium

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Inhalo in Willem Twee poppodium Just confirmed, Inhalo will support the Austrian art-rock formation Blank Manuskript in the Willem Twee concert hall in 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) on 20 November. For info and/or tickets, click here .

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OUT NOW: Inhalo's debut album 'Sever'!!

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OUT NOW: Inhalo's debut album 'Sever'!! It's the first release signed by our recordlabel and it's Inhalo's debut album! 'Sever' is worldwide distributed, so you can get your LP or CD at your recordshop or at our webshop! Check out the quotes! Inhalo  is Fons Herder (vocals), Roy Willems (guitar), Peter Cats (bass) and Pepijn Gros (drums). “The label, which will specialize in prog and sympho rock/metal bands, wanted to make an impact with their first release…In my opinion an excellent and justified choice. The album is a feast for the ears from start to finish.” RockPortaal “Eight strong compositions in the spirit of Opeth and Riverside. No small names in this genre. ‘Sever’ is a business card to be proud of.” Heaven Magazine  4/4 “...enjoyed the music from start to...

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Maximum score for Inhalo's debut album in Heaven Magazine!

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Maximum score for Inhalo's debut album in Heaven Magazine! Maximum score for Inhalo's debut album 'Sever' in the most recent Heaven Magazine issue. Quote: " Eight strong compositions in the spirit of Opeth and Riverside. Sever is a business card to be proud of. "   When it comes to progressive rock music, the Netherlands plays a nice tune. Supersister, Focus, Arjan Lucassen and Kayak are highly regarded internationally. Now that Kayak recently announced her farewell, successor Inhalo is already eagerly waiting in the wings. This Amsterdam quartet makes a convincing debut with the album Sever. Eight strong compositions in the spirit of Opeth and Riverside. No small names in this genre. The album starts with traditional layered melodic songs, but gets more surprising as the end comes in sight. Adventurous intros, driving drums and polyphonic choruses make for an...

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Second Inhalo single/video 'Eventide' online

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Second Inhalo single/video 'Eventide' online The second single/video of the upcoming debut release Inhalo is 'Eventide',  'Eventide' is a very atmospheric song and that's why the band worked with Lex Vesseur for the video. The song's lyrical content deals with the subject of escapism. A seductive siren whose glimmer and shimmer can lull you into a state of twilight. Watch the video

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Long Distance Calling vinyl

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Long Distance Calling vinyl

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First vinyl's have arrived

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First vinyl's have arrived Kaipa 's album ' Children Of The Sounds ' is one out of five Inside Out Music titles that will be released on May 20 (outside the Benelux May 27)! We just received the two available colors for this title. Furthermore we've also received the Spock's Beard and Roine Stolt release.

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Inhalo's single Sisyphean live on Insta!

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Inhalo's single Sisyphean live on Insta! Inhalo is playing the first single ' Sisyphean ' from the upcoming album  live in their rehearsal room!

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