About us

Construction Records is a division of Suburban Music Group which also incorporates Suburban Records and Suburban Marketing & Distribution.

Suburban Distribution was founded early 1997 by Ronald Drayer and Richard Evers who both worked for Rough Trade. They felt that what the industry needed was a distribution company focused on all ‘heavier’ music. Their dedication, combined with some old-school grit, ensured that not much later Suburban Distribution arose from the Dutch soil. The first labels to join were Nuclear Blast, Century Media, SPV and Massacre Records. After that many more followed.

Suburban Records believes that all the best music has one thing in common: Soul. Soul has the unique ability to communicate happiness, love, sorrow, and anger – all those essential qualities which makes the difference between an average song and a unique song. Whenever Suburban Records sign new artists, soul is what they look for. Both in their songs and sound, as well as the stories they tell. Within these parameters, they allow their artists total creative freedom – which is of the highest importance. Suburban's roster is now well known due to bands like Peter Pan Speedrock, Monomyth, Bad Nerves, The Sore Losers, Navarone and Sloper (feat. Cesar Zuiderwijk (Golden Earring) en Mario Goossens (Triggerfinger).

Here at Construction Records we totally agree in Suburban's mission statement but we'd like to add some progressive/symphonic metal/rock twist to it. Complex songs carefully built up to an outburst of instrumental craftmanship covered with  clean vocals and seldom radio friendly due to their length is what Construction Records is about but not limited to. Diversity is the key. Heavy, fragile, powerful, vulnerable, complicated or well thought out simple, it can all make our hearts beat faster... (as long as we don't forget the guitar solo's:-)).

Rob Willemse, the man in charge for Construction Records has a 16 year history as marketing manager for a large popmerchandsing company and is currently also Suburban’s label manager for labels as SPV, Prophecy, Soulfood, GEP and Peaceville among others. He is also familiar in the scene as founder and guitarist of the Dutch progressive rock-/metal band Cirrha Niva.